Wheelchair Wheelchair

For the person using a wheelchair

navy, black, red adult capes

Full hood.
Front opening with large zipper.
Wheel clearance on sides.
Hand openings, provide front access for fastening a security belt.
Longer in front to cover the legs, short in back to prevent discomfort.
Get one for each season: unlined poly/cotton for summer; rain proof packcloth* for the rainy season; fleece poncho for fall; separate fleece and packcloth* to use individually or together, or packcloth* lined with fleece for cold weather.

All fabrics are washable in COOL water, DO NOT DRY CLEAN. *packcloth is 600 denier nylon with a waterproof and wind resistant coating.

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Unlined fabric options:
100 % cotton in Khaki, Black, Brown, Denim, Camouflage
Packcloth fabric options for both unlined and lined cape:
Hunter Green, Red, Navy, Black, Royal Blue (fleece linings will co-ordinate with the color you choose for the lined cape).
Fleece fabric options for fleece cape:
Navy, Black, Royal, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Grey wool, Purple, and various prints (please call)

One size fits all average adults.
#700 Adult Unlined Cotton......................$55.00
#701 Adult Rainproof - unlined................$60.00
#702 Adult Rainproof & lined..................$99.00
#703 Adult fleece....................................$60.00
#702 Adult cape with removable lining ....$112.00

multi colored line


For the person using a wheel chair

cover up photo

A very versatile garment. The cover-up can be used as a robe or for extra warmth - a great piece between the shower and bedroom for the person using a wheel chair.
It is a poncho style that goes over the head and is cut so the knees are covered when sitting. The back comes to the seat of the chair to make transferring easy.
It is a synthetic fabric that will wash well and hold it's shape and not shrink. Washable.

One size fits all.

Navy, Green, Aqua

#615 Cover-up...$38.00
thread & Needle



Bag for Walker or Wheelchair

Bags to use on the arms of the walkers.
Durable. Made from washable packcloth. (Packcloth is 600 denier nylon with a waterproof coating.)
Velcro & large snap fasteners to secure them in place.
Ideal to carry your TV remote, cordless phone and mail in.
These bags are like a saddle bag, with pockets on both sides that fit over the front or side of the walker.

This large bag is 15" wide and 12" deep. One side is that size, the other side is split into two pockets. The two sides are held together with velcro & snaps to keep them in place.

The pocket area is 11" wide and 8" deep, one side is that size, the other side is split into two pockets. The two sides are held together with velcro tokeep them in place.

This is similar to style B, but is 8" wide and 8" deep, a double saddle-bag suitable to fit over the side rail of the walker. There is a single pocket on each side.

Hunter Green, Red, Navy, Black, Royal Blue

#920: - - Style A...$25.00
#921: - - Style B...$23.00
#922: - - Style C...$21.00

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