About Us

Specially for You, Inc. is very different than any other clothier you will find. All of our garments are made to order according to the needs of the wearer. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us. we are happy to re-design our garment to meet your needs. If you have a request or a need that you do not see listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to explore other options. Our company is small enough to give each order personal attention.


We design, cut, and sew YOUR garment after we receive the order so that we can make it specially for you. Nothing is readi-made. Because of the custom nature of our business, orders are normally shipped in 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind, all orders are processed in the order they are received.

We use 100% cotton fabric where possible and desired for the comfort of the wearer.

Seams are double sewn for strength and durability. Our garments are manufactured with the dignity of the wearer in mind.

We can send fabric samples upon request. We will also shop for special fabrics for your special clothing.

Foreign orders: We will charge actual postage. All prices are in USA money and we want payment in advance in US dollars. Please send a Postal money order or a money order or bank draft from your bank in US currency. A Link to an excellent conversion chart is CURRENCY CONVERSION.

GUARANTEE: Money back guarantee on any item that is purchased in the basic design shown without any changes. Returns must be made within 30 days and cannot be worn or laundered. Any item that is ordered with a special change cannot be returned. We will work with you to make it fit the way you need it to. There will be no extra charge for the changes needed to make the garment acceptable (subject to change). However, we will charge shipping to return it to you. We want to work with you to meet your special needs. Not responsible for measurements taken incorrectly. Please use a seamstress tape measure.

Our History

The story of how Specially For You, Inc. came about is a unique one. It all began in 1994 when the former owner, whom had many years of sewing experience, was asked to modify a garment for an individual in a long-term care facility. What she discovered was a void in the market for specialty clothing for individuals with different deformities or healthcare needs. She decided she would try her hand at marketing this product to other care facilities state-wide. It was a success! She was now on the road to starting her own business. It began very slowly in the basement of her house in the south eastern part of SD, but she quickly realized that she needed to become part of the World Wide Web. She grew both the lines of garments she carried as well as her customer base. After running the business for seven years, she decided that she wanted to spend more time with her grandkids and to retire.

The next step in our story begins in 2001 when Carolynn saw an ad in the local paper. Always on the lookout for ways to supplement the income on the farm, a call was placed to the phone number in the ad - for what she thought was a seamstress. A misunderstanding had occurred: the owner didn't want a seamstress she wanted to sell the entire business! After much consideration, the decision was made to purchase it. With her past RN experience and love of the field, and having the support of family, it was a good fit. Carolynn takes most the orders, answers the e-mails, and cuts all the garments - after the order has been placed. Her two daughters Mellisa and Wendy are main stays in the continuation of the business. It is truly a family run business. With the help of our seamstresses, suppliers, and most of all our customers - we aim to grow and improve!


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